PPP: A Life-Saving Force

As COVID-19 swept the nation’s population centers this spring, Ho-Chunk, Inc. and Winnebago tribal leaders understood the ultimate stakes in rural Nebraska: life or death.

Disparities in health, housing and employment on the Winnebago Indian Reservation meant the virus could swiftly devastate the tribal community.

Together, Ho-Chunk, Inc., the Winnebago Tribe and partners mounted a community-wide response. As the Tribe’s economic engine, Ho-Chunk, Inc. served a critical role.

The Winnebago Tribe’s ability to protect its people hinged on Ho-Chunk, Inc. maintaining operations and employee safety. Critical U.S. government missions also depended on our federal contracting divisions to overcome extraordinary circumstances.

Delays in Tribal CARES Act funding would have crippled the Tribe’s response. Our use of PPP funds stabilized the company, and in turn, the community’s ability to fight the pandemic. Ho-Chunk, Inc. was also able to pay a portion of the annual dividend to the tribal government early for a critical cash infusion.

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