Providing Cost Saving and Mission Critical Repairs to a Military Customer

Funding is a concern for every facet of the federal government. Agencies are constantly asked to do more with less. And, they still must meet mission goals. All Native Group provides mission critical training support to supply agencies with the best training and knowledge to meet their goals.

A recent military customer was unable to replace aged and failing critical training equipment. For the U.S. soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen in training, functional equipment is necessary to prepare them for real combat scenarios.

To bridge the widening gap between new or replacement equipment purchases, All Native Group employees, who had been performing as warehouse personnel, transitioned into an equipment repair unit. We purchased tools to repair equipment and hired employees with diverse skillsets to conduct equipment fixes. This includes fixing mechanical and equipment failures; our personnel perform troubleshooting and determine the appropriate fix. Fixes could include sewing vests or soldering wires, to name a few.

For us, innovative problem solving and resourcefulness allowed our active duty personnel to continue with training while keeping the agency within their budget.