Tribal Sovereignty Through Renewable Energy

As a tribe, we saw an opportunity for energy demand reduction and wanted to create a sustainable energy source that would decrease our dependency on outside energy partners. Much like the Federal Government, we have a very clear need to own our energy production and renewable energy management.

With support from several community partners, we established a solar panel farm network across our entire reservation. The Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska and Ho-Chunk, Inc. are seeing $40,000 a year in energy savings from our renewable energy management practices. To see more on how we accomplished this, download our whitepaper.

Our Services

  • Renewable Energy Management
  • Energy Demand Reduction
  • Energy Storage Technologies
  • Solar Panel Testing
  • Center for Evaluation of Clean Energy Technology (CECET)
  • Wind Energy Services
  • Inverters and Converters for Traditional and Renewable Energy
  • Biomass Fuel Testing
  • Biofuels Testing and Inspection
  • Condition Assessment Services for Batteries

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