Winnebago Community Celebrates Ho-Chunk, Inc.’s 25th Anniversary

Throughout history, Native Americans have always been resilient. The Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska celebrated the most recent chapter of its history with a community event in September.

Ho-Chunk, Inc. – the Tribe’s economic development entity – turned 25.

“This milestone represents the progress we’ve made together as a community. We’re creating our own future and our own version of the American Dream.”

Lance Morgan, CEO, Ho-Chunk, Inc.

The company began in 1994 with an immediate mission of creating jobs on the reservation and a long-term income stream for the Tribe. At the time, symptoms of poverty were rampant and opportunities for economic growth were limited.

Since then, the company’s approach has evolved to develop both an economy and middle class on the reservation. Those efforts, along
with the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska and partners, have measurably improved life in less than a generation.

The company’s leadership and profits are driving creative solutions to complex socio-economic problems. Shared priorities with the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska include housing, employment, youth, education, and elders.

Harvard University has recognized aspects of Ho-Chunk, Inc.’s model four separate times with its Honoring Tribal Nations Award. The approach is now being modeled by numerous tribes across Indian Country to create their own paths for social advancement and economic self-sufficiency.